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Our Group

Vinsen International Resource Investment is Canada international cross-board distributor, delivering excellence for our partners in the health care and healthy food industry. As the essential link from providers to our customers, we strive to exceed the needs of all our partners with effective distribution and service solutions. we combine what manufacturers want with what our customers need by providing a safe and reliable source of products at competitive prices. 

Vinsen International Resource Investment Inc belongs to Vinsen Bonded Warehouse Group Co, LTD. As a Canada full line distributor, our group are located at Toronto. With over 135,000 square feet of active warehousing, we are fully equipped to service leading chain retailers.

Our Service

International Cross border E-commerce

Oversea Purchase– Custom Clearance– International Delivery– Door-to-door Delivery

Our Purchase

We can provide the most competitive price of health product to our customer.

Our Quality

We solely provide North American standard quality product including original ecological foods and organic healthy care product to our customer.

Our Mission

To be the best Canada provider of health care and health food supply management solutions by delivering excellence for our partners; Endeavor to provide the lowest price to our customers by all possible means including mergers and acquisitions of small-medium health care and health food manufacturer.

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